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Hear What They're Saying


"This is a wonderful class for anyone looking for alternative ways to manage stress and anxiety.  Even it that is not your reason, it's a great way to learn to be more mindful, present and grateful."

- Anonymous

"I loved this series and benefited from it so much that I’m signing up for more!  Jenna is a compassionate and wonderful guide on my journey to be more mindful."

- M.L.

"I sincerely feel like a different person after taking the class.  My heart is full. Thank you."


"I always feel more centered after being in your mindfulness class. Also, more positive and stronger. Thank you very much!"

- Laura

"Jenna’s calm presence in the guided meditations was just what I needed."

- Monica

"I really enjoyed giving myself the time and indulgence to relax and be at peace.  I am learning how to let go and how to accept what is."

- Anonymous

"Jenna teaches some amazing thought concepts that really helped me gain a new perspective on issues from my past. Her class is a wonderful experience."

- Christa

"Jenna offers an excellent and varied overview of mindfulness, with exercises to achieve it and the knowledge to understand it.  You will leave each class with a new perspective of yourself and the world around you.  Jenna's classes will leave you more capable of handling life's stresses, and you will learn how to be more kind to yourself. 100% recommend!"

- H.P.

"I think this is a class that every person in the world could benefit from.  I'm grateful for new life additions."

- Rick

"Jenna is knowledgeable, warm, and engaging.  I would recommend this class to anyone looking for more peace and balance in their lives."

- Anonymous

"It was a great workshop.  Mindfulness is a great way to get in touch with your emotions and your body.  We were introduced to different forms of meditations which gave me a chance to see what meditations worked best for me."

- Anonymous

"This concept and practice was completely out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed learning and incorporating it throughout my day.  It's easily individualized to your personality and schedule.  I feel better with both my stress levels and ability to call on this tool when I need it."

- A.D.

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