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Mother and Baby

New Moms

As a new mom, you’re always taking care of everyone else and your own needs often get set aside. You love your kids deeply, but you’re exhausted. And it’s only made worse by feeling like you can’t talk about how hard it is. You see everyone's pictures on Facebook and Instagram and the message we all get is that it’s supposed to be perfect and easy, but it’s not. You try to power through, but putting everyone else’s needs first and never taking time for yourself is not working. I want you to know that your feelings are valid, your needs matter, and you are good enough just as you are.  You can love your kids deeply and still need to take time for yourself to recharge your batteries. It’s time to have compassion for yourself and take some time to do what you need to feel like yourself again...with self compassion and self care, you can feel grounded, calm, and joyful.

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