Are you more concerned about everyone else's feelings rather than your own? Do you judge yourself or feel like you have to be perfect? Do you struggle in relationships and have a hard time expressing your emotions and needs? People used to talk about codependency as a way to describe a person’s dependence on the addictive behaviors of a partner or family member, usually with regards to drugs and alcohol. Today the term has broadened to describe a person whose thoughts and actions revolved around meeting the needs of others and the lack of focus on one's own needs.


Common symptoms of codependency include:


  • Perfectionism and a fear of failure

  • Sensitivity to criticism

  • Denial of personal problems

  • Excessive focus on the needs of others

  • Failure to meet personal needs

  • Discomfort with receiving attention or help from others

  • Feelings of guilt or responsibility for the suffering of others

  • Reluctance to share true thoughts or feelings for fear of displeasing others

  • Low self-esteem

  • Feelings of shame and helplessness

  • Projection of competence and self-reliance

  • A need to control others

  • Self-worth based on caretaking

  • Feeling undeserving of happiness

  • Caring for and enabling someone who abuses drugs or alcohol


If you think you may be dealing with codependency, then know that you are not alone, There are so many people who struggle with these same issues and don't know how to change the behaviors and patterns that they've had since childhood. I can help you gain a cIear sense of who you are, what you want, and how to get there. I can help you learn to express your feelings and needs in a clear, healthy way.  I've gone through this process myself so I understand the struggle and I've experienced the peace and the relief that comes with discovering your authentic self.